The Great Escape ’09: Where The Magic Happens

036God’s magic truly does happen on The Great Escape.  As we made the 3 day bus trip out to Colorado, God began showing up from the very beginning.  But it wasn’t until today that God truly revealed himself to me through these students.  While we had an amazing time white water rafting down the Taylor River, our family time after the evening session was just something that goes beyond words.

I have always been drawn to the simple things in life and simplicity is something that I miss terribly now that I am in the “grown up world.”  One of many reasons why I love being with middle school students is that they know how to keep it simple.  I see so much of Jesus in them because His message was a simple one.  “Follow Me.”  In our session tonight, the speaker, Jeffrey Dean, spoke on trusting God.  Let the simple words of these amazing middle schoolers speak for themselves:

“I need to trust Jesus the way I trust my Mom and Dad.”

“Whenever I hear that song it just makes me breakdown and it shows me that He loves me.”

“I would not open up to anyone, then I came on The Great Escape last year and I felt like I could be me.”

“I need to be more thankful to God.”

“I just need to find the courage to tell my friends about Christ because I don’t want them to go to Hell.”

“The speaker inspired me tonight to not be embarassed to share the Gospel.”

“It hit me that I need to trust and put my life in His hands.”

“It’s an awesome feeling to know that He’s there for me.”

“Sometimes I feel like I’m slipping away from God, then my canoe tipped over in the Okefenokee Swamp, then a motorboat came and took me to get dried off so I wouldn’t get hypothermia and the whole way there I asked God to forgive me from slipping away from Him.”–(Due to the train of thought seen in this quote, it did make me laugh a little.)

“That speaker really encouraged me to be fearless and take risks because I know Jesus will be there to catch me if I fall.”–(I definitely shouted out an “Amen” to that one!)

“Rafting was really cool because we got to see what God made.”027


~ by Jessica Baker on June 23, 2009.

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