He Must Increase:I Must Decrease

Broken ChainsI am so glad that I entitled this blog ‘The Lamp Life’-Changes with God-because changes are exactly what I have encountered this summer.  I just got back from Texas and I learned more about myself and my relationship with God than I have all summer long.

I learned how great God is and how not great I am.  Through learning about the greatness of God I learned of my issue of pride.  I also learned that it is because of my pride that I continually live in bondage.  I have issues overcoming my strong holds because I try to fix them myself using my own “will-power.”  I have been shown time and time again that will-power can not stand but my pride refused me of seeing it.  God does NOT want this for me.  God wants me to tap into a true power..the power of the Spirit.  In order to have power from the Spirit I must commune with it daily,minute to minute. When choosing to ignore it’s call to commune I choose to rely upon myself.  I wish I had understood a long time ago that I am worshiping God by not giving in to these fleshly indulgences of a false sense of power.

“God will never allow us continued success through our pure fleshly determination to touch not, taste not, handle not.  He knows we would end up worshiping our own wills and mehods.  Through the might of His Spirit relased through His Word we are empowered to say no to the things we should and yes to freedom, moderation, and better health.”-Beth Moore


~ by Jessica Baker on July 19, 2009.

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