A Wonderful Mom

Monday morning I woke up with my throat hurting so badly I could hardly swallow, a low grade fever, and a pounding headache.  For an extremely long set of frustrating reasons that I will not even attempt to explain, I do not have health insurance.  By Tuesday night I knew that this was something Tylenol Cold and Sinus was not going to fix.  Because my mother is so wonderful she told me to just go on to the Doctor anyway and she would pay whatever bill she needed to for me to get well!  This is not the only time my Mom has provided for me this summer.  The Lord has used her to provide in so many incredible ways this summer!  She is always there to provide her emotional support whenever I need her!   She provides me with wonderful words of encouragement through sound wisdom and advice.  She is basically the only person who can make me realize that a situation is not nearly as big of a deal as I am making it out to be and definitely the only person who can just tell me to “get over it” and I actually get over it.

Mom, I know you are going to read this so thank you for all of the ways that you have been there for me this summer.  I am so blessed to have you a part of my daily life.  And for the record,Mom and Me Blog no one will ever be able to tell me that I talk to you entirely too many times in one day, even though they will OBVIOUSLY try!


~ by Jessica Baker on July 23, 2009.

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